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Daniel Rogers

Pharaoh Cleopatra em portugues: a historical and cultural journey through 4,000 years of Egyptian history

On the day that the triremes of Rome crossed the oceans, Cleopatra intended to make an alliance with Sparta. However, Octavian had spies in the city of Corinth, who informed him of Cleopatra's plan. Octavian then ordered Gabiniani to launch his attack against Cleopatra's palace in Alexandria, and the slaves were released into the streets of the city, where they were promised food and a ration of clothing. Days later, Cleopatra surrendered and was eventually paraded in front of her people in chains, where she was cursed by her former lover, Caesarion. While Cleopatra is imprisoned, Gabiniani kills the Roman senator, and then pursues his own path of vengeance against Cleopatra, her son Caesarion, as well as all of the now-dead men of Rome. He attempts to eliminate the Army of the East with the help of the Treveri, until Aya and Bayek arrive to warn Cleopatra and their retinue. Cleopatra sends Bayek back to retrieve the Army of the East, while she, Aya, and the small band of loyalists abandon Alexandria in favor of Ptolomeia, where Aya is killed by Gabiniani. Bayek arrives back in Alexandria in time to find Cleopatra imprisoned in the Royal Tombs in Ptolomeia. Caesarion is still alive, though, and survived the fall of Alexandria with a group of loyal Egyptians and Roman citizens. After a confrontation with Gabiniani, Caesarion is captured and sent to Caesar in Rome. Gabiniani then pursues Caesarion, and manages to assassinate Cleopatra, though they are both removed from the game on the day of Cleopatra's death. Caesarion, as the son and heir to Cleopatra, is to inherit the throne as the new pharaoh. [20]

Pharaoh Cleopatra em portugues the game



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