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Daniel Rogers
Daniel Rogers

Web Email Extractor Pro | Best Email Extractor Tools - Technocomsolutions

To request your MaxIm DL Pro Demo please submit your full name (first and last) and valid email address. You will be emailed the required demo license and a link from which the demo may be downloaded (35 MB download).

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To facilitate secure reporting of the loss, theft, or damage to an authenticator, the CSP SHOULD provide the subscriber with a method of authenticating to the CSP using a backup or alternate authenticator. This backup authenticator SHALL be either a memorized secret or a physical authenticator. Either MAY be used, but only one authentication factor is required to make this report. Alternatively, the subscriber MAY establish an authenticated protected channel to the CSP and verify information collected during the proofing process. The CSP MAY choose to verify an address of record (i.e., email, telephone, postal) and suspend authenticator(s) reported to have been compromised. The suspension SHALL be reversible if the subscriber successfully authenticates to the CSP using a valid (i.e., not suspended) authenticator and requests reactivation of an authenticator suspended in this manner. The CSP MAY set a time limit after which a suspended authenticator can no longer be reactivated.


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