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Daniel Rogers
Daniel Rogers

Submersed In Due Time Album Torrent ##BEST##

The seven tracks on the album range in length from 2:47 to 11:36, with a collective running time of over 50 minutes. Getting from the beginning to the end unscathed is an impossibility, and yet Hatred For Mankind is an album that seems designed to be heard in one sitting. The songs move from one to the next almost seamlessly, and the cumulative effect is decimating.

submersed in due time album torrent

I'm late to the party, but I would like to say that this remains one of my favorite OCR albums to date. SCIV is one of my favorite OSTs of all time and all the Remixers have done a great job capturing not only the sound, but also the atmosphere of the game.

My favorite on this album is Slimy's Deadly Furniture. To me, the source seems to convey a sort of 'twisted ballroom' for the main hall of Dracula's castle - Slimy's interpretation brought all of the neat orchestral-sounding bits of the source to life, almost seeming to give the strings and percussion a life of their own. I still sometimes jump when I hear that bright progression cut through the quiet tension at 2:15.

Long time since release, but I have to say it: this is a really amazing album! I always loved Castlevania IV and its soundtrack, so "weird" and unique, and it's a pity that most of the tracks (with the exception of Simon's theme) are so underrated and almost no decent covers of them. This album, homever, makes justice. A great tribute to a great soundtrack. In contrast to the previous two volumes of this trilogy, this third one feels more varied, balanced and consistent. Many metal tracks, many orchestrals, many synth/electroincs and many everything, but all in its proper way. Making something with such a variety and experimentation while keeping a very own personality on it does not seems to be an easy task, but you all did it very well. Also a very nice job from Chernabogue to direct and manage the project and keeping it always alive and progressing despite the difficulties in the way (yes, I very rarely post something but I'm very often reading "in lurker mode" :P). It was also a nice experience to go to the "online listening party" that Hallowen night, despite the confussions with the schudule. The first and only one I went to, and hope to go to many more later. Some good remixes from musicians I already knew and liked (especially the one by Goat) and some others I just discovered in this release and I liked very much too (Slimy's orchestrals are really nice and interesting, as well as Timaeus222's crazy remix for the Treasure Room, and the "unofficial group" formed by Jorito, Tuberz, Keskitalo, etc has a very unique and interesting style too). It was great to listen to very nice remixes of very-little-remixed tracks like the Sumerged City, the Forest, the Dark Cellar, the "giant lamps' screen", etc too. This is an album where everything is worth, from the shortest interludes and narrations to the most complex and well-made music. No fillers nor questionable-quality stuff included. If you are one of those many who, as me, always loved the original Super Castlevania IV and its weird and unique soundtrack, this album is the perfect tribute to it and you will sure love it as much as I do too. And if someone liked this album and did not played the game yet, you should do it too! Totally recommended, and I'd dare to say this is the best VGM arrangement/tribute album of 2015 year (at least in my opinion). And well, not much more to say that I didn't. Maybe someday I'll write a more complete review of the whole album, as it deserves, but unfortunately my english level is maybe not enough to that xD. Thanks again for the amazing job, and for making it free for all!

I cannot thank enough all the artists who helped me and dedicated their time to create those albums. I truly hope we have been able to do justice to the Castlevania series with this trilogy, and that people will appreciate our hard work. I am far from being good at writing such notes, so I'll keep it short: enjoy, and thank you for everything.


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