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Where Can I Buy Plastic Mailing Bags

Our plastic mailing bags are perfect for shipping items that are too big for a standard envelope but don't require a cardboard box. Made of the highest quality polyethylene (also known as poly), our mailing pouches are resistant to tearing, puncture, and water damage. Our poly mailing bags are the favorites of drop shippers who need a dependable mailer to safely ship products to their customers. Designed to be both lightweight and durable, these high quality plastic shipping envelopes offer both protection and economical shipping of your goods.

where can i buy plastic mailing bags

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We carry bags in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Select the style above for your needs - opaque, clear, or bubble lining - and then find sizes listed on that bag type's page. All our plastic mailing bags come with an easy "peal and seal" flap for safely enclosing your product, ensuring contents are safely contained throughout shipment.

In the spirit of recycling and conserving the environment, many stores and retail centers are now acting as collection points for this type of recyclable plastic. Most grocery stores that offer to recycle grocery bags will also accept other types of plastic bags.

Our plastic mailing bags are designed to hold important documents comfortably or for shipping other items such as clothes, small boxes, magazines or catalogues. The polyethylene envelopes are waterproof and ensure complete privacy for your contents.

These plastic mailing bags are ideal for important or confidential documents as they are strong and not transparent, ensuring that the contents are kept secure and masked from prying eyes. As they are highly flexible, they are also suitable for bulkier products such as clothes, products or parcels. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, your can fully customise your printed mailing bags with your logo or graphics, advertising your brand while your products are on the move.

Made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), the mailing bags for clothes or e-commerce are waterproof, protecting the contents from rain or moisture during transit. They are made of two layers, one white and one black, which means that the documents or items inside are not visible from the outside. Plus, they are tough and durable so they can withstand stress during shipping.

In addition to customising our mailing bags with your logo, you can also choose the colour of the plastic mailing bags and decide how much of the bag you want to print on. You can print your message on the front only or have the same print on both the front and back. There are six colours available for the bags themselves: black, blue, red, green, orange or cool grey, or you can select a custom colour of your choice. Your artwork will be transferred to the custom mailing bags using flexographic printing.

Pixartprinting invests heavily in research and technology to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. When you order printed mailing bags from us, you will benefit from excellent value for money, fast and reliable shipping, and efficient customer support if you need assistance.

Whether you require mailing bags for clothes, documents or cosmetic products, we have you covered for all your printing, mailing and packaging requirements. For other types of envelopes and plastic mailing bags, see our Shipping Supplies page; or if you would like to print labels to add to your packaging, we have a variety of Roll Labels and Stickers available.

Postal approved mailing bags have strict guidelines by USPS and these mailing bags are accepted by them. The bags are perfect for mailing catalogs, magazines, brochures and other marketing material. This allows your customer to have protected and rigid mailing bags. It meets all of postal approved criteria. We carry all standard sizes. The mailing bags are approved for automation rate flat mailings for either FSM100 or FSM1000.

Poly Mailers are polyethylene shipping bags that are waterproof, tearproof, self-sealing, and tamper-resistant, and also very affordable. These custom mailing envelopes and polyethylene bags are available in several options including clear shipping bags, custom poly bags for shipping, custom printed shipping bags, custom mailing bags, custom poly bag mailers, white mailing envelopes, custom mailer envelopes, custom shipping envelopes, custom mailing envelopes, personalized poly mailers, returnable custom poly mailers, and even custom poly shipping bags with logo to create a brand identity.

Renowned Manufacturer of Customized Shipping Bags & Printed Poly Mailers Polypak Packaging manufactures custom poly bags for shipping, custom printed mailers, custom poly mailers with logo, and stock plastic shipping envelopes for e-commerce, health care, soft goods, and retail apparel customers. These Custom printed shipping bags, personalized poly mailers and custom mailing envelopes help in branding. At Polypak Packaging, we have a wide range of custom printed shipping envelopes, printed mailing bags, and personalized poly mailers available to cover all your shipping needs.

Another of our products is made up of a three-layer polymer blend, which makes it further sturdy. Our poly bags also come with sure-safe closure, which makes them perfect for plastic shipping, health care, legal, pharmaceutical, apparel, retailers, e-commerce businesses, inter-office documents, publishers, and home-based businesses.

Yes. In many places, bubble wrap and plastic bubble mailers can be recycled by the same processors that handle other types of plastic films like grocery bags, produce bags and plastic wrappers. Mixed material mailers with paper laminated to bubble wrap cannot be recycled. Dispose of these mailers in the trash.

Poly mailers can be recycled at flexible plastic recycling drop-off locations, just like bubble wrap and grocery bags. Before placing them in the bin, remove all labels by cutting them out of the poly mailer and disposing them in the regular trash. Place the remainder of the poly mailer into the recycling bin at your local flexible plastic recycling drop-off location.

There are many recycling centers and retail stores that offer a drop-off center for more difficult to recycle plastics such as bubble roll, plastic bags, and plastic films from packaging. To find a drop-off location for plastic bags and plastic wraps, use the zip code locator at

Plastics from bubble wrap, poly mailers, grocery bags, and other flexible plastics are recycled into containers, crates, pipe, railroad ties, and new bags and film. PAC uses recycled film in our Polyjacket-R. These 100% recyclable poly mailers and made from up to 50% recycled content film. Our Mailjacket and folding cartons are also recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper, 95% of which is post-consumer.

Each grey mailer bag from Packaging Chimp is made from premium polythene that provides high opacity and durability. Our grey mailing bags are perfect if you want the contents to be secure, protected, shipped, and delivered discreetly.

Looking for a more affordable way to ship products? Grey mailing bags from Packaging Chimp are lightweight, yet they can still provide the protection your goods need, so shipping costs are lower when compared to using cardboard boxes during shipping. Choose a mailer bag with the right sizing from our collection, so the contents can fit easily!

Our lightweight grey mailing bags come in 10 sizes, including extra-large posting bags, to give you the options for packaging varied sizes of items. Compared to paper envelopes, plastic mailing bags are much stronger. Made from top quality polythene, they are designed to ensure the protection and security of your items in transit. The self-seal postal bags resist bursting, tearing and punctures, are waterproof and the colour shields the contents from view during mailing.

Whether for business or personal needs, our poly mailing bags are already becoming a popular mailing staple thanks to their versatility, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The grey mailers are made from top quality polythene, which means they are stronger and more durable than the conventional paper envelope. Offering you a superb waterproof packaging solution, these plastic posting bags are also resistant to punctures and tearing. They have a tamperproof feature with their self-seal adhesive strip giving you all-round security and protection, while the surface is easy to write on or stick labels on.

Convenient to store and very easy to use, our grey polythene mailing bags are among the lightest of packaging choices, which saves on the postage. They are also among the cheapest packing solutions based on their strength and flexibility. Our grey mailing bags come in a range of 10 sizes and are ecologically sound because they do not leave any harmful residue.

In addition to costing almost 75% less than mailing tubes, paper blueprint mailing bags are cheaper to mail and easier to store. Our bags can be stacked flat and divided into piles; bulky mailing tubes present difficult storage challenges.

Plastic bags cannot be recycled in your curbside recycling containers because they cause significant problems at the recycling facility, wrapping around the machinery and halting sorting operations. You can drop off clean plastic bags and film at special collection locations to be recycled. Plastic bags can also be thrown away in your garbage.

While thin carryout plastic bags are no longer allowed under Washington State's plastic bag ban, you may still be provided thicker plastic bags, which are considered reusable and customers are required to pay for. We encourage you to reuse these bags first, and recycle what you can't reuse.

Many grocery stores accept plastic bags for recycling. Check at your preferred grocery store to see if they accept plastic bags and film for recycling. These locations at Fred Meyer, QFC and Safeway were confirmed to have plastic bag recycling stations as of April 2021 (hover or click for details): Fred Meyer - Main entrance, vestibule, far left side, near other kiosks (photo taken 5/21) 041b061a72


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