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Where To Buy Clarisonic Mia 2 ((TOP))

Use about a quarter size amount of cleanser and apply to the brush head, gently cleanse the entire face and neck using rotating circular motions without pressing too hard. It can be used conveniently anywhere, including in the shower, and is OK to travel with. Brush heads must be changed at least every 3 months to avoid contamination and maintain a clean product, they can be recycled as well. Very oily or acne-prone skin types are generally safer purchasing the Mia 3 product (with specific acne brush head). The brush head itself should be cleansed (using a shampoo or cleanser) every 3 days to remove traces of oil that build up. Products with large grain or harsh micro-beads should be avoided, as even though the brush and product is not technically an exfoliator, it is reaching deeper levels of the dermis and the face no longer requires intense scrubs. Make sure to cleanse the face well with cold water and gently pat dry. Brush heads should never be shared and should always be cleaned if dropped on the floor or misplaced.

where to buy clarisonic mia 2

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