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Transformers The Beast Within Cbr _BEST_

Sideswipe was present when the Autobots met Jhiaxus's Decepticons in battle on a planet within the K'tord Nebula. At first, tempers merely flared, but soon both sides lost themselves in a violent, bloody rage. Before they were completely lost to their baser instincts, the source of their behavior was discovered to be tar-like emotional parasites. The parasites were removed, and both factions decided to leave peacefully. Primal Fear!

Transformers The Beast Within Cbr

Subsequently, Sideswipe was stationed with several other Autobots in Canada within the Ark II. He was present one day when Rad reported from the Ironworks base in Oregon about a foiled attack by Gigatron and his Decepticons. Soon thereafter, due to the actions of an evil Ultra Magnus from another dimension, a rift of space time opened over Earth, causing catastrophes worldwide. Sideswipe, with the aid of his rocket pack, assisted his peers in evacuating a devastated city block. Invasion

Upon hearing that his "twin Autobot" had been captured by the Decepticons, Sideswipe flew into a rage and vowed to rescue Sunstreaker himself. Grimlock advised Sideswipe to take Sludge and Slag with him, as they would surely encounter Devastator within the Decepticons' headquarters. The three Autobots made their way towards Decepticon territory, encountering numerous traps along the road. Sideswipe was almost done in by a land mine, but managed to transform in time to avoid being seriously damaged. When the trio arrived at the Decepticon camp, another obstacle presented itself in the form of a duo of Decepticon guards. Making short work of these two, Sideswipe's group entered the Decepticon basewhere they came face-to-face against Devastator, as anticipated. Despite their best efforts, the Autobots were overpowered by Devastator, and put in a holding cell alongside Sunstreaker. Later, Megatron announced that the Autobots had agreed to surrender, and brought out his prisoner to look upon the Autobots' peace offering; a life-size statue of Devastator. The surrender turned out to be a ruse however, and Autobot reinforcements burst forth from within the Devastator statue. Sideswipe joined the battle between Autobots and Decepticons that followed. The Autobots were ultimately victorious, and Sideswipe was amongst the Autobots still standing in the aftermath. Optimus ordered his troops to gather the wounded, and the Autobots returned home. The Autobots' Secret Weapon

With Sparkplug acting as their referee, Sideswipe and Bluestreak raced one another in order to determine who was the fastest. The race ended in a tie, with Sparkplug declaring them both winners. Just then, Thundercracker and Starscream swooped down onto the trio, and cast Sleep Nets unto them, rendering them unconscious. Sideswipe was brought to Megatron's newly constructed prison, and was incarcerated within. Luckily, Bumblebee had not been captured, and managed to free the other Autobots. Upon their escape, Sideswipe and Bluestreak shot Starscream and Thundercracker out of the sky. Bumblebee to the Rescue!

Before the war, Sideswipe was a trader who liked to con his customers. The Ultimate Guide He was one of the few Autobots to continue operating under that title during the Dark Ages of Cybertron, after Optimus Prime and Megatron had both disappeared into a prototype space-bridge. Fragmentation Sideswipe was one of the elite warriors serving under Prowl and as such was chosen for the mission that sent him against the newly constructed Decepticon battle station, Trypticon. Though the Autobots believed they would be able to find the station before it was fully operational, Trypticon revealed himself to already be battle-ready. Devastation Despite throwing everything they had at the titan, the Autobots weren't able to even slow it down. Prowl ordered his troops to try and outrun Trypticon, which Sideswipe misinterpreted as meaning they would try to "run it in circles and then pop it one in the exhaust vent." Neither tactic worked in any case, and the Autobots were only spared because Trypticon suddenly received a transmission recalling him to the neutral zones, and broke off from the fight to respond to it. Revelation Sideswipe and his teammates returned to their headquarters for repairs, where Sideswipe received a communique from Swoop, explaining that both Grimlock and Jetfire had mysteriously vanished. The cause of these disappearances then made itself apparent, as The Fallen broke into the Autobase and abducted Blitzwing from one of its holding cells. Confrontation Once The Fallen's base of operations was uncovered, Sideswipe joined a cross-faction army in rushing it to put an end to the ancient Transformer's scheme. Ultimately, The Fallen was defeated by the power of Primus himself, and all factions agreed to keep the chamber The Fallen had tried to breach sealed to prevent anyone from further abusing the power held within it. Conflagration

After the end of Shockwave's despotic rule over Cybertron, the Autobots on Cybertron made contact with Sideswipe's crew for an update and promised to send supplies. Generation 1 #0 Unfortunately, Starscream arrived on Earth first, backed up by a small cadre of soldiers. Sideswipe and company managed to stave off an initial attack from the Decepticons, only for Starscream to unleash his trump card on the battlefield: Bruticus. Sideswipe was deactivated in battle with the combiner, and was left to rust at the bottom of a lake. Night of the Combaticons Warpath and Bumper later dredged him and the others up, only to be taken into custody by Earth Defense Command. The Omega Effect The Autobots were then taken to a secret underground facility by the humans. Atonement Jazz, Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker were reactivated to help Marissa Faireborn and her team in investigating several mysterious disappearances (with extraterrestrial involvement suspected) in small-town America. During their trip out into the field, Sideswipe game the much less experienced Bumper a hard time for his fretting and worrying, but rushed to the little guy's rescue after he was attacked within the town's movie theater. As he did so, the Autobots found out what they were dealing with was an outbreak of Insecticons. Infestation Sideswipe and Sunstreaker wound up in an underground hatching chamber, filled with Insecticon eggs. Wandering about while his brother contemplated the hatchery, Sideswipe came upon some fully-grown Insecticon clones and attacked them... only to inadvertently blind himself by bringing down a wall, allowing light to flood in and overwhelm his night-vision. Though Sunstreaker came to his rescue, the two brother wound up prisoners of the Insecticons nonetheless. Thankfully, Bumper, who had since found his courage, freed Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in time for them to participate in their team's last stand against the enemy swarm. Sideswipe took out Shrapnel in the fight by toppling an entire building atop of him. But the conflict culminated with the Autobots against an enemy they couldn't just beat down: the mind-controlled townspeople. Bumper once more came to his team's rescue by downing Bombshell, disabling his mind-control network over the town, allowing an Autobot victory. Extermination

Sideswipe joined his fellow Autobots after they had managed to retrieve the Optimus Prime Kre-O kit parts from within Decepticon headquarters, and assembled it into a colossal Optimus Prime. The group then went out and used some Decepticons as target practice. Kreon Chaos

Shockwave led an attack on a human village, intending to raze it and build a fuel plant in its place. Confident that the Autobots wouldn't learn about the attack until it would be too late for them to do anything about it, Shockwave tasked the Constructicons with building his installation. Little did he suspect that Cosmos was spying on them from orbit. A convoy of trucks and cars soon arrived, claiming to be hauling supplies for Shockwave and his troops. Angered and confused by this interruption, Shockwave demanded to see the supplies he was certain he had never ordered. From within the vehicles stepped out the Dinobots. Alongside the Autobots in disguise, they proceeded to trounce Shockwave's troops. Shockwave ordered Ravage and Kickback to flank the new arrivals and attack them from behind, but this tactic proved futile, as Cosmos was still spying down on the scene. Shockwave was tied up, shoved down into a hole with his troops, and had quick-drying cement poured on them to stop them from going anywhere. The Autobot Spy in the Sky

3000 years ago, Unicron's herald Scourge located the dead planet, and reactivated Shockwave for study purposes. Generation 1 #0 However, when Shockwave was attacked by a swarm of Sharkticons, Scourge intervened and saved him, Cold War only to be shot in the back by the Decepticon and captured. Dissecting and studying Scourge, Shockwave learned many secrets about the function and purpose of Transformers and Cybertron from the secrets hidden within him. Using that knowledge, Shockwave steadily worked to restore Cybertron, reactivating its population and solving their energy needs, ending the war and unifying the planet. He also continued his experiments into multiple transformations, yielding the unstable Duocons, and then successfully mastering the process with Triple Changers. Capturing Alpha Trion, Shockwave sought to unlock the full secrets of Vector Sigma, having already learned of the mysterious significance of Earth to the Transformer race. Revelation In preparation for the invasion of the planet, Shockwave subliminally influenced the population of Cybertron to become more violent, Passive Aggression and prevented the return of Optimus Prime and Megatron aboard the Ark II by having a human agent blow it up. Revelation

During his reign over Cybertron, Shockwave had discovered the Well of All Sparks, and broken the Seal of Primus itself to siphon from within it the power needed to create life. Little did he know that he had loosened the essence of The Fallen in the process, a consciousness which had gone on to take root inside Sunstorm. The Enemy Within


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